BIFA Art Camp

In Partnership with the National Repertory Orchestra

BIFA Art Camp

Breckenridge International Festival of Arts
Aug 14, 15, 16 9:00am, Monday - Wednesday
9AM - 12PM
Aug 14, 15, 16 1:00pm, Monday - Wednesday
1PM - 4PM
Class / Workshop

A.M. BIFA Art Camp - Adventure + Creativity

In this class, we will transform used cardboard boxes into a magic spaceship! We will sketch ideas for a spaceship that we can really go inside. We will work together to assemble the boxes into the spaceship, and then we will paint the outside different colors. 3…2…1…blast off!

Alie Mahoney

P.M. BIFA Art Camp - Creativity + Play

This workshop is all about play as process. Participants will be painting without paintbrushes and use markers in a way they never have before. Projects will include marbling, printing, stenciling and fabric dying. 

Kia Neill