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Leela Srinivasan

Artists in Residence

Leela Srinivasan

January 17 - April 30, 2024

Leela Srinivasan is an Indian-American poet, researcher, and educator. Originally from the Jersey Shore, she received her BA in psychology and MA in communication from Stanford University, where she authored two theses: a collection of psychological poetry titled The Shame to Cure (2018), and a qualitative analysis of motivations behind digital media usage. In 2022, she received her MFA in creative writing at the Michener Center for Writers in Austin, Texas, authoring a poetry collection titled Being a Person: A Brief Unpleasant History as her thesis. Leela has worked as a teacher, tutor, and facilitator for topics including spoken word poetry, personal essays, and therapeutic journaling. Outside of writing, she enjoys exploring art through fashion, graphic design, and playing the ukulele.

While in Residence

At Breck Create, Leela plans to create a short-form collection of place poetry inspired by the arresting mountain scenery of Colorado. She hopes to further develop as a teacher and collaborator through working at Summit High School and the larger community, gaining a deeper appreciation for all kinds of art and its effects on the larger world.