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Tara Homasi

Artists in Residence

Tara Homasi

Tin Shop
November 7 - December 19, 2022

Tara Homasi is an Iranian interdisciplinary artist based in New York. For the past few years, she has investigated mainstream media and the internet, the sources we rely on, and their power for mind control and manipulation. Her art practice endeavors to challenge and depict our digital existence, which is under attack by algorithms, cyber marginalization, misinformation, censorship, etc.

While in Residence

Homasi conducted a project to excavate a poetic aspect of the informative content that residents and visitors add to Google Maps to describe Breckenridge. She collected and transformed the content of reviews to poetry in order to interrupt the flow of information and facilitate a space to pause and contemplation. By doing so, she endeavored to investigate and question our virtual existence in shaping our collective perception of our surroundings in cyberspace.

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