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Daniel Rozin: Reflections


Daniel Rozin: Reflections

Old Masonic Hall
August 12 – September 4, 2022
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For nearly three decades, Daniel Rozin’s practice has investigated the structure and materiality of images. From mosaics to digital images comprising pixels, discrete components are assembled to make a whole. Employing a range of materials––from trash to hand fans––Rozin probes at what constitutes an image, as well as what can be transformed into one.

Rozin’s interactive installations and sculptures integrate the viewer, in real time, to create a representation of the viewer’s likeness in the object. His kinetic “mirrors” are often made with materials that become unexpectedly “reflective,” responding to a person’s presence via a camera and physical computing or custom software. Reflection and surface transformation become a means to explore human behavior, representation, and perception. 

Photos courtesy bitforms gallery, New York

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