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Outcropping House II

Public Art

Outcropping House II

Breckenridge Arts District campus, located at S. Ridge St. and E. Washington Ave.
Albert Belleveau

Albert Belleveau’s whimsical, 3-D representation of an outhouse harkens back to the privies of yesteryear, making its placement at the Arts District campus—where arts facilities are housed in a community of restored historic buildings—entirely apropos. The walls, ceiling, and door are made of fancifully airy iron tangles enclosing wind- and wave-smoothed stones collected by the artist on kayaking trips to Lake Superior. A Sculpture on the Blue “People’s Choice” winner, the piece is part of Belleveau’s “rock iron art” collection, which utilizes “two of northern Minnesota’s most plentiful resources.”

Purchased by the Town of Breckenridge.

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