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Soldiers of the Summit

Public Art

Soldiers of the Summit

South of the Riverwalk Center at 150 W. Adams Ave on the Blue River Bikeway
Robert J. Eccleston

This life-size statue of a World War II ski trooper memorializes the mountaineers of the 10th Mountain Division, a unit that trained at Camp Hale near Leadville before fighting with the Allied troops in Italy. Perched on a 50-ton boulder, the rifle-toting, ski-clad scout pays tribute not only to those who saw battle, but to all who trained with the 10th Mountain Division, many of whom went on to become ski industry leaders. Local 10th Mountain veteran Don Carlson and his wife Marietta led the charge to have the piece created; the sculptor, too, served in the U.S. Military.

Project and fundraising launched by Marietta and Don Carlson, completed in collaboration with the Town of Breckenridge


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