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The production "Bees" by Polygot Theatre, a featured immersive theater component of BIFA 2024


Earth Day 2024: Planet vs. Plastic

Breckenridge Environmental Initiatives + Community Activities

As the world gears up for Earth Day on Monday, April 22nd, let’s take a moment to reflect on our commitment to our planet. Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day has been a beacon of global unity, reminding us to honor our Earth and strive for peace. This year’s theme, “Planet vs. Plastic” is especially relevant for Breckenridge and Breck Create. We believe that sustainability and environmental consciousness are not just values, but essential actions for preserving the essence of our beloved town and its surroundings. 

Throughout April, Breckenridge will be buzzing with environmental initiatives, cultural experiences, family-friendly activities and community events designed to educate and engage everyone in the fight against waste. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store:

Breckenridge April Events for Earth Day

Precious Plastic Initiative

This year’s Earth Day theme of “Planet vs. Plastic” aligns perfectly with Breck Create’s partnership with Precious Plastic, a global movement dedicated to reducing plastic waste through innovation and creativity. Breck Create proudly partners with Precious Plastic to turn plastic waste into art. Join us at our Re-Maker Space on the Arts District Campus, where you can witness the magic of transforming plastic into beautiful creations. Don’t miss out on these upcoming events:

Breckenridge International Festival of Arts (BIFA)

While August is when BIFA truly shines, April is the perfect time to plan your Breckenridge family vacation for an adventure-filled week of creativity and nature exploration. This year’s festival explores the cause-and-effect relationship between humans and nature. Dive into this theme through captivating art installations, interactive theater and thought-provoking performances. Trail Mix, one of BIFA’s signature programs, beckons hikers and bikers to discover art amidst nature, featuring renowned artists alongside local talents. Play the video below for a preview of BIFA 2024.

The Breckenridge troll, Isak Heartstone, by Danish artist Thomas Dambo

Visit the Breckenridge Troll

Embark on a whimsical journey to meet Isak Heartstone, the iconic troll sculpture nestled within Breckenridge’s enchanting landscape. Not only is this a must-do Breckenridge cultural experience, it’s an incredibly family-friendly activity to celebrate Earth Day! Part of Breckenridge’s public art collection and crafted from recycled materials by Danish artist Thomas Dambo, Isak Heartstone is a testament to creativity and sustainability. Starting May 1st and through May 24th, Breck Create will be running a sweepstakes on their Facebook and Instagram pages for a chance to win a copy of Dambo’s Trash, Trolls and Treasure Hunts, a beautiful coffee-table book memorializing the dozens of similar troll sculptures assembled around the world. To enter, be sure to follow Breck Create and check their social media pages on May 1st for more details. The winner will be announced on May 28th.

To find the troll sculpture, please click here.

Main Street Breckenridge

Town of Breckenridge Events

The Town of Breckenridge is stepping up its Earth Day game with initiatives like the launch of Good to Go Cups, a reusable cup program aimed at reducing single-use waste. Explore environmental issues further with a screening of “Fracking the System: Colorado’s Oil and Gas Wars” and a talk by sustainability expert Hunter Lovins.

Visit the Town of Breckenridge’s blog to learn about grant opportunities, additional initiatives and resources.

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Together, with your help, we can make every day Earth Day in Breckenridge! As stewards of this breathtaking landscape, it’s our responsibility to preserve it for future generations. Join us in these Breckenridge community activities and events to keep the spirit of Earth Day alive year-round.