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Foraged items are chopped and prepared during a Breck Create Wild Foods class


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Breck Create’s 10th Anniversary: A Creative + Culinary Affair

Step into the vibrant culinary world of Breckenridge as we celebrate Breck Create’s 10th Anniversary with an unforgettable event: A Creative + Culinary Affair. This isn’t just a food tour—it’s a celebration of artistry and flavor that defines our community. Imagine strolling through the historic Breckenridge Arts District campus, where art studios transform into culinary havens. Here, you’ll savor dishes crafted by a dozen talented chefs and food-industry experts, each bringing their unique flair to the table. 

Schedule for Saturday, July 20th

4:00PM - Sponsor Entry

5:00PM - Ticket Holder Entry

7:30PM - A Creative + Culinary Affair wraps

7:30PM - Doors open for the Decade Party at the Riverwalk Center

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Dining Out at Breckenridge Restaurants

Hot liquid is poured during Breck Create
Foraged greens are sauteed during Breck Create
A dessert tray of assorted cookies

Breck Create began pioneering creative placemaking in the heart of Summit County in 2014. To celebrate the organization’s 10th anniversary, the arts and cultural institution decided to produce an event that honors the Breckenridge food scene along with its mission: to build a dynamic, year-round creative community via inspiring creative and enriching experiences for residents and visitors alike. A Creative + Culinary Affair features a dozen chefs and industry experts from local restaurants, dessert shops, wineries and distilleries. The food lineup includes Rootstalk and Radicato, which are owned by Chef Matt Vawter, a 2024 James Beard Foundation Award winner. Once the food tour winds down, live music follows at the Riverwalk Center. It’s an evening where culinary and creative expressions harmoniously intertwine, promising a feast for the senses.

As you stroll through Breck Create art studios, you’ll have the opportunity to sample fare from Breckenridge restaurants and meet the creatives behind the gastronomic creations, while also taking part in unique artistic experiences. The cooking and creative experiences are crafted to complement one another; for example, one stop along the stroll features a community art project that invites guests to paint images of the featured desserts. Aerial bartenders, a stilt walker and other acrobatic performers from Circus Collective will be featured throughout the evening. Make your own wine glass charm in the Precious Plastic Studio using upcycled materials. Local musicians KelLee Carlile and Diego Espinosa will be performing live. 

The 12 featured food-industry experts hail from all across the country, including right here in Summit County, and have trained all over the world. Several graduated from the esteemed Culinary Institute of America while others learned on the job. Most everyone has heard buzzy phrases such as “farm to table” and “a focus on fresh, local ingredients;” some may be surprised to learn about “forest-to-field” edibles from Wild Food Girl, Erica Davis, who specializes in foraged experiences.  

The food tour concludes at 7:30 p.m., and the festivities continue at the Riverwalk Center for the Decade Party—a family-friendly, live-music event. The Decade Party will whisk guests through four decades of iconic songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Beatlegras kicks off the journey, channeling the 60s with bluegrass renditions of iconic Beatles tracks. Funkiphino follows, capturing the essence of the 70s disco, 80s neon and 90s grunge, paying homage to each era’s hits. Broken Compass Brewery partners on the event by serving up delicious handcrafted brews. The local beer company also celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, aligning it perfectly with the celebration. 

Featured Breckenridge Restaurants and Chefs

Briar Rose Chophouse ft. Chef Todd Nelson • The Briar Rose Chophouse and Saloon has been serving the finest aged beef and fresh wild game in a landmark downtown restaurant for decades. Their relationships with premium suppliers like Harris Ranch Beef and Emerald Valley Ranch bring the best of American beef and meats to your table. 

Rootstalk + Radicato ft. Chef de Cuisine Cameron Baker • The name Rootstalk refers to rhizomes which are all connected via a complex underground root system. The restaurant seeks to provide “elevated, everyday dining” to the local community as well as out of town visitors. Rooted in Italian cuisine, Radicato offers an exceptional dining experience in a beautiful setting on the Riverwalk in Breckenridge, Colorado. Radicato is inspired by old world traditions and showcases techniques like handmade pastas. 

Hearthstone ft. Chef Michael Halpin • A locals’ favorite for hand-cut steaks, wild game and fresh seafood and located in the 125-year old Kaiser home, Executive Chef Michael Halpin creates a menu highlighting the very best of the Rocky Mountain Region. Locally farmed seasonal products—including meats, fish, artisan cheeses and fresh produce—take the stage as his culinary staff expertly prepares each dish with a commitment to the highest quality. 

South Ridge Seafood Grille ft. Chef Paul Brenholt • South Ridge Seafood Grill serves deliciously fresh seafood with a view. Located in the beautiful mountains of Breckenridge, the restaurant offers customers a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere along with meals that are out of this world.

Fatty’s ft. Chef Matt Fackler • Breckenridge’s oldest pizzeria and legendary sports bar.

Breckenridge Distillery ft. Chef Nolan Cesario + Liquid Chef Billie Keithley • The Breckenridge Distillery is the “world’s highest distillery.” Founded in 2008, it is most well known for its blended bourbon whiskey, a high-rye mash, American-style whiskey. The Breckenridge Bourbon is one of the most highly awarded craft bourbons in the U.S. 

Spencer’s Restaurant at Beaver Run Resort ft. Chef Reginald Nebab • Named after George E. Spencer, the founder of the Town of Breckenridge, Spencer’s Steaks & Spirits honors his pioneering spirit with classic cocktails and classic steakhouse favorites. 

Wild Food Girl ft. Author Erica Davis • Offering a variety of plant walks and hands-on wild food experiences around the state, Davis has taught courses on edible, medicinal and toolcraft plants at Colorado Mountain College in Breckenridge and has presented at the Midwest Wild Harvest Festival in Wisconsin and Forest to Field Festival in western Colorado.

Ridge Street Kitchen & Catering ft. Chef Kelly Brenholt • Growing up with a large family made meal time fun and crazy for Brenholt. Before making the move to the Rocky Mountains, she attended Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Canada and London, graduating with a diploma in Cuisine and Pastry. As well as Ridge Street Kitchen, she and her husband own South Ridge Seafood Grill, where he is the talented chef/owner.

Stir-Pan Creamery ft. Owner Brandon Munoz • Stir-Pan Creamery is a new way of looking at ice cream, and serves up more than just simple desserts. Stir-Pan Creamery is a fun experience that allows customers to select/build their own flavor and watch as the creamery’s ice cream professional creates their dessert right in front of them. This unique experience coupled with the delicious rolled ice cream makes Stir-Pan Creamery a must stop when in Colorado.

Continental Divide Winery ft. Winemaker Dan Kraft • Continental Divide Winery produces all of its wines in a state-of-the-art winemaking facility in Fairplay, making Continental Divide the highest altitude winery in the world. Crafting and aging wines at an altitude over 10,000 feet minimizes oxygen exposure and results in a slower and more gentle fermentation that allows the true flavors of the fruit and land to come through. 

The Menu


Spencer’s Steaks & Spirits at Beaver Run Ahi Tuna Tartar Chili Garlic Tamari, Avocado, Green Onions, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Wonton Chip
Breckenridge Distillery Grilled Octopus Tostada, Spanish Chorizo, Preserved Mangoes, Cabbage, Pickled Red Onion, Cilantro
Briar Rose Chophouse Pig Roast Taco with Pineapple, Salsa Verde, Cotija Cheese
Fatty’s Crispy Eggplant Bruschetta 
Hearthstone Duck Confit with Peach Chutney, Crispy Purple Potato 
Rootstalk/Radicato Heirloom Pork Belly BLT: Heirloom Tomato, Esoterra Farms Greens
South Ridge Seafood Grill Salmon Sashimi & Soba Noodle Salad w/ Avocado & Soy-Citrus Dressing


Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Varieties of fudge, Varieties of Caramel Apples, Dipped Strawberries
Ridge Street Kitchen Honey Thyme Cheesecake with Luxardo Cherry Compote, Pistachio Crumb
Stir Pan Creamery Blackberry Lemon Cake Rolled Ice Cream, Pineapple Coconut Rolled Ice Cream, Mango Tajin Sorbet


Breckenridge Distillery Classic style punch with Breckenridge Bourbon, Painkiller popsicles with Breckenridge Spiced Rum, Breckenridge Gin pickles
Continental Divide Winery 2023 Albariño, Colorado Grand Valley, 2022 Chardonnay, Colorado Grand Valley, 2021 Sparkling Blanc De Blanc, Lodi– champagne, 2021 Villard Noir, Grand Valley – pinot noir, 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon, Colorado Grand Valley 
Wild Food Girl Create your own cocktails and mocktails with wild foraged ingredients
Highside Brewing Assorted craft beer

General Admission Tickets Include the Following 

  • Access to A Creative + Culinary Affair featuring: 

    • seven chef stations serving creative small plates

    • three mixology stations with immersive libations 

    • three unique dessert offerings from Colorado’s finest chocolate to the ultimate ice cream experience 

  • Entertainment including unique performances, aerial bartenders, acrobatic performances, local music, an art auction and more

  • Ticket with VIP access to Breck Create’s Decade Party, featuring music from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s at the Riverwalk Center 

  • A limited number of “community tickets” are available while supplies last at a discounted price thanks to the generous support of our sponsors

  • Any ticketed attendee for this event can bring their ticket as proof of purchase to the Breckenridge Ski Resort ticket office this summer to receive half-off a scenic chairlift ride. Valid for in-person purchase during resort summer operations, June 14, 2024 – Sept. 2, 2024.  Summer operations at Breckenridge Ski Resort are open daily from 10 AM to 5 PM, weather and conditions dependent. For more information visit www.breckenridge.com.

Sample Breckenridge Restaurants

Combine the beauty of Breckenridge with its delectable food scene, and you’ve got a perfect pairing. The local flavors and dozens of culinary experiences make the town a food lover’s paradise. Breck Create makes it easy for you and your friends to sample the cream of the crop at the organization’s annual gala and 10th anniversary party. The event isn’t just about great food and music; it’s about community. Proceeds benefit Breck Create’s educational initiatives and community programs, ensuring art and creativity thrive in Breckenridge year-round.

Join us on Saturday, July 20th, and discover why Breckenridge isn’t just a destination—it’s a culinary and cultural experience unlike any other. Get ready to taste, explore and celebrate with us! 

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The Breckenridge Arts District Campus nestled beneath the 10 Mile Range on a summer day
Bluegrass band Beatlegrass performs at a Breck Create fundraiser
Visitors line up for a free art class outside of Quandary Antiques Cabin on the Breckenridge Arts District Campus

About Breck Create Breck Create aims to build a dynamic, year-round creative community in Breckenridge. The organization’s mission is to deliver inspiring creative experiences that enrich the quality of life for all residents and quality of place for visitors. Breck Create supports and serves artists, creatives, cultural enthusiasts, visitors and the community at large by providing a year-round schedule of performances, exhibitions, screenings, art classes and workshops as well as other engagement opportunities.

The organization maintains, manages and operates the Town of Breckenridge’s exceptional cultural facilities and also hosts arts-based events in public gathering spaces throughout Breckenridge. Breck Create’s core attractions are the Riverwalk Center–a 750-seat, heated, indoor performance venue–and a lively Arts District campus of renovated historic structures that now function as studio spaces for art classes and workshops. These structures also include affordable rentals for local artists and visiting artists-in-residence participants. The Breckenridge Arts District is a certified district within the Colorado Creative Industries Creative District program. 

About Beatlegras Beatlegras was formed in 2003 by three Dallas studio musicians when Dave Walser asked George Anderson and Milo Deering if they’d be interested in doing some experimenting in the studio with some Beatle songs. Dave’s musical interests included bluegrass guitar, The Beatles and James Taylor; George was a very accomplished bass musician in the styles of jazz and classical, and he also loves James Brown. Milo is best known as a steel guitar player who has toured with Don Henley, the Eagles, LeeAnn Rimes and… Beatlegras. He also plays guitar, mandolin, fiddle, flute, dobro and anything else with strings. Together they’ve produced 4 albums and played from Seattle to Ireland and are happy to be together again.

About Funkiphino Funkiphino is known for their sharp, edgy mash-ups with more than a hint of funk. The band’s roots are unexpectedly classy with plenty of dirty-grit to charm the most discerning listeners. Funkiphino pays homage to an array of musical genres guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning musical palate. By showcasing heavy horn laden music motifs from the past and today, they take inspiration from old skool funk playgrounds, adolescent rock rebellion, and R&B daydreams.