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Toro, a futuristic robot sculpture created with upcycled materials by artist Fred Zietz.

Public Art


Behind 137 S. Main St., along the Riverwalk
Fred Zietz

The futuristic robot “Toro” illustrates the Breckenridge community’s interest in contemporary, diverse art forms. Donated by the restaurant partners at Downstairs at Eric’s, the sculpture drew admirers of all ages when it was unveiled at Sculpture on the Blue. In it, artist Fred Zietz explores a romanticized future hewn from the refuse of society. In Breckenridge, “Toro” represents the wild wanderings of the creative mind, and through it our creative future. At the same time, its use of upcycled automotive and industrial steel fits with our sustainability ethos.

Donated by the partners at Downstairs at Eric’s


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