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Edible Foraging + Cooking

Edible Foraging + Cooking

Edible wild plants are the best kind of food—free, organic, and delicious. What edible plants can be found in Breckenridge?

Join Wild Food Girl (Erica Davis) for a walk and talk on edible wild plants in the area—including identification, harvest, use, and sustainability—followed by hands-on food preparation and a tasting back at the Arts District. 



  • Breck Create Members: $57

  • Non-members: $75

The cost of the class includes materials and use of studio equipment. 

Age Requirement

Participants must be 15 or older to participate. 


Erica Davis


For classes taking place on the Arts District campus, please check-in with the instructor at the class location.

Jun 08, 2024 9:00am, Saturday
9AM - 12PM
Aug 17, 2024 9:00am, Saturday
9AM - 12PM
Class / Workshop
erica currants 6401

Originally from Connecticut, Erica spent her formative years chasing plants in the Eastern Woodlands before moving to Colorado in 2008. This blog was born in 2010, and from 2011-2015 it was home to a monthly magazine called Wild Edible Notebook.

Today, Erica offers a variety of plant walks and hands-on wild food experiences around the state. She has taught courses on edible, medicinal, and toolcraft plant identification at Colorado Mountain College in Breckenridge, and presented at the Midwest Wild Harvest Festival in Wisconsin and Forest to Field Festival in western Colorado.

Learn more about Erica at